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 Making the world a better place, is not just our brand motto, its our ideology. Flour Girl is the pastry shop that will change it all. Taking traditional delicacies out from the past and transforming them into edible art pieces. We take pride in handcrafting unqiue and memorable pastry expreriences that will rock your world with each bite. Founded by the Hassan Trio, starring Farah Hassan, a professional pastry chef and culinary inventor. Flour Girl is the manifestation of Farah creativity and vision, with the support of her brothers who run the day to day operations and ensure quality, efficiency and standards. They set out to be the gamechangers of the traditional baking world and aim to fulfill your wildest dessert dreams. Their dream, however, isnt just to change your world, it’s to change the one we all live in. The Flour Girl family presents a regular donation to charities and organizations around the world. Focusing on children, especially those in war torn countries, in hopes to give them a shot at a better future, a proper education and a normal life; so that they can join us in making the world a better place. We are also a mean green loving machine & no, not cash, we’re talking about the environment here, using Vegan alternatives to frequently used solutions in the culinary world in order to ensure happy appetites and a safe green environment. With all that said, we hope you enjoy our goods the way Flour Girl wants you to, with a whole lotta attitude and not a care in the world !

Monday - Thursday

Weekdays 9 AM to 9 PM

Friday - Sunday

Weekend 9 AM to 12 MIDNIGHT

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